Next Generation High-Tech Alpine Salt Grotto Unveiled at Monart Destination Spa

Next Generation High-Tech Alpine Salt Grotto Unveiled at Monart Destination Spa


A brand new custom built and designed Natural Alpine Salt Grotto, which features a newly developed innovative micro-particle aerosol salt system, has been installed at the five-star Monart Destination Spa in county Wexford.


The healing properties of salt infusion has been known for centuries; with many spas providing salt grotto experiences throughout the world. However the challenge with the conventional salt grotto experience is the production of salt molecules that are fine enough to travel deep into the lungs rather than remain just in the sinus and upper trachea.


This next generation aerosol technology now in Monart was produced by leading international spa innovators and was sourced and customised for Monart through consultation and development between Michael and Liam Anthony Griffin and Klafs of Germany.


Monart’s specially developed process produces tiny salt particles in the air from specially sourced Natural Alpine Salt that can now penetrate the entire respiratory tract from nose to sinuses, the throat area and on into the deepest recesses of the lungs; exerting the full salt infusion benefit throughout.


The hi-tech Salt Grotto provides a deep warming radiant heat coupled with correct salt inhalation which brings benefits to everyone; however it also improves and supports the treatment of several conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, skin inflammation, along with stress and exhaustion.


Gordon D’Arcy was on hand to launch the new state of the art Salt Grotto at Monart this week.  “I’m delighted to see yet another new leading edge cabin opening in Monart’s Thermal Suite, I am a big fan of Monart and visit regularly because they are constantly looking for ways to enhance the benefits of the experience using new technology to deliver real results.” Gordon said.


Commenting on the latest innovative addition to the 2,500 square foot Thermal Suite at Monart destination Spa, Liam Anthony Griffin said, “Michael Griffin and I are proud of the technology we identified and sourced to develop this Alpine Salt micro-particle system which is hugely innovative and yet again world leading. Just under a year ago we opened the InfraRed-Pro cabin, which has already won an ‘innovation of the year’ award. We are serious about wellness and we invest in bringing world class technology and products to our guests, with our focus on sustaining our reputation as one of the top destination spas in the world.”


The world-class award winning Monart Destination Spa is an adults-only destination spa located just outside Enniscorthy in County Wexford. Conde Nast Traveller has previously named it in the Top 3 Spa Resorts in the world.  For further details on Monart see


ENDS – January 7, 2015.

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